e e n s a n


1953, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


* Master of fine Arts, Webster University, Missouri, USA (2000)
* Bachelor of fine Arts, college of fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt (1978).
* PhD of art, rangchy university, India, (2005)


* Head of the Department of Cultural Activities and Youth Camp Festivals at the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare.
* Head, Arts Activities Section, Ministry of Education and Youth, UAE (1990-1995).
* Deputy Director, Department of Educational Materials, Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi, UAE (1998).
* Head, Models and Sculpture Section, Ministry of Education, UAE (1986-1988).Head, Ceramics Section, Ministry of Education, UAE (1978-1985)
* Fine Arts Teacher, Ministry of Education, UAE (1978).


* Founded and served as President of the Emirates Fine Arts Society (1979-2004).


* Member of the socio-cultural committee of AGCC Youth Drama programme.

Actor in ‘Al Sura Tiq Al Waqie’, a drama written by H.H. Shaikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, Supreme Council Member & Ruler of Sharjah.

Designed a number of stage settings for many dramas, Sharjah National Theatre.

Several acting roles in plays presented by the UAE National Theatre, Ministry of Information and Culture, inside and outside the UAE
Playwright for some plays presented by Sharjah National Theatre.


* Time Management Workshop.

* Decision making and problem solving workshop.

* Behavior and human relations workshop.

* Administrative skills for arts professionals.

* Workshop related to art and technology, USA.

* Many courses in management.


* Represented UAE at the signing of the first agreement on fine arts between the UAE and the Soviet Union, Moscow (1989).

* Chaired the judging committee at the ‘Biennial’, an international art exhibition held every two years, in Sultanate of Oman (1990).

* Served as the Head of the UAE delegation of Fine Arts to the Moscow exhibition (1990).

* Represented the UAE Ministry of Education at several educational exhibitions in Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar.

* Participated in several children’s play and puppet shows.

* Supervised many school plays in several education zones in the UAE.

* Supervised all puppet shows at the Kuwait Consulate, Dubai.

* Participated in second Emmar international Artist workshop in Dubai 2005.

* Participated in desert language  - Bonn-Germany 2005

* Participated in the 8th periodical Exhibition of the fine Arts and Arabic calligraphic for the Artist Gulf cooperation council ,Muscat -2006


* Study of colours between land and sea, and the village and the city.

* The fine arts movement in the UAE before the establishment of the emirates Fine Arts Society.

* The fine arts movement in the GCC: History and Pioneers

* From Nature (Master’s thesis)

* Nature between Buddhist people and Muslims ( PHD research) .


* Participated in all exhibitions of the Emirates fine Arts Society (1979-2006).

* Participated in the fifth biennale exhibition  -New Delhi)   India 1982

* Participated in many plastic art exhibitions in Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman Morocco Syria, India, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Lebanon,  and Jordan, etc.

* Exhibited together with artist Mr. Abdul Rahim Salem (UAE) in the French Cultural Centre in Dubai (2001).

* Attended and participated in many international forums and conferences.

* Took part in several international artistic workshops and installation works, and magnified activities of different art workshops in the field of environmentmaterials at the Ministry of Education and Youth (2001-2006).

* Participated in the languages of the  desert ( Bonn-Germany-2005)

* Participated in the languages of  the desert (Paris- France-2006)


* First UAE artist to win an honorary award at the Arab Artist Exhibition (1979).

* Youth Exhibition Award (1980).

* Distinguished Award from Sculpture from the Emirates Fine Arts Society.

* Several awards from UAE Arts Society, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information and Culture, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Sharjah Department of Culture and Information, and Dubai Police etc.

* First prize in sculpture division, Emirates Fine Arts Society’s 12th exhibition.

* Gold Medal, Bangladesh Biennial Fine Arts Exhibition (2004).

* Silver Medal, 8th periodical Exhibition of  the fine Arts and Arabic calligraphic for  the Artist Gulf cooperation council -Oman (muscat) 2006


* Member, Arab Artists’ Union.

* Member, ART St.Louis.

* Member, St.Louis Art Museum.

* Member, Galleries Group, USA.

* Member, Al Jidar Fine Arts Group.

* Chief Editor, Fine Arts Magazine, a publication of the Emirates Fine Arts Society.

* Head of Jury Member, Sharjah International Art Biennial (1994).

* Editor, Caricature magazine, Emirates Fine Arts Society.

* Editor, Al Rolla Magazine, Sharjah National theatre.

* Jury member Sharjah Internal Art Biennial (1999).

* Parallel Solo exhibition Sharjah Internal Art Biennial (1999).