e e n s a n
For a man who has quite the life experience, I still tend to fear the longed-for first steps.
How would I have the courage to stand tall when there is nobody helping me stand up?
Is it supposed to be my right foot forward or my left one?

How am I supposedly destined to learn walking, presumptuous steps while always haunted by beginnings?

Anxiety attacks draw me to disoriented questions. Answers to those questions either belatedly answered or even worse, possess none whatsoever. And I keep looking for a beginning, not with concern to what level of accomplishment I may reach but to what extent I may enjoy my thorough journey.

I am possessed with beauty that your eyes and hearts could hardly see or feel. No living soul, no sun, moon, not even my own shadow would ever be able to measure my passion for nature.

I fear the end of my journey is near. Finally, I am no more a researcher only looking for beautified hidden thing. Here I present you with this research…The First Step.

Mohammed Yousif

United Arab Emirates