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Excerpts from Mohammed Al Jazairi's ‘Sought Beauty’  
With his compact sculptures and expansive vision Mohammed Yousuf Ali (1954) wagers on the emancipation of things from their traditional restraints… His second personal exhibition entitled 'Exiting to the Inside' was held at his house in 2002.

The works were displayed in his front yard and in the hallways of his house, both old and new works that represented different stages of his artistic journey…

To him, escaping to that which is within was a way of venting after a long experience of acceptance and denial. He decided to undertake it upon realizing that advancing one step backwards and retreating one step forward was taxing, even crippling to his subconscious. … Viewing his old work side by side with the new was a retrospective experience that pitted him against himself. It reinforced that process of reflection, reevaluation and readdressing of questions after having gone through the reaction.

All this is tied to him being a part of a deteriorating cultural scene.… Emancipating art from closed rooms and traditional galleries is crucial to him. He believes in humanizing his works, saying that they 'need to breathe and see the sun', for sculpture is the Spirit of Nature…It is difficult, particularly in the Arab World, to engage in truly modern art because some people simply don’t get it.

It is obviously much more difficult to understand installation sculpture (…) with a postmodernist construction style, and a conceptual inclination.

We may not be able to comprehend all the concepts integrated into such a sculpture, and that is why you see so few conceptual sculptures in the world in comparison to paintings, for instance. There are only so many people who have the ability to sculpt ideas!